Our Plugin Secures Your WordPress Forms

Securely collect information such as social security numbers, drivers license numbers & medical information with WordPress with our encrypted & HIPAA Compliant Forms WordPress plugin.



Secure Forms Plugin

Secure Forms for WordPress is an add on plugin for Forminator by WPMU DEV. Both free & paid versions of Forminator & WP Secure Forms are interoperable with each other.

WordPress Encrypted Forms & HIPAA Forms Plugin

Our encryption solution is designed to meet the stringent requirements of various industries, including lawyers (ABA Model Rule 1.6), schools (FERPA), and general use. Say goodbye to multiple services and keep everything within WordPress.

Healthcare information is among the most safeguarded and protected data. That’s why we developed Secure Forms for WordPress to ensure its protection. Both our encrypted & HIPAA compliant solution ensures the same security, with us being able to sign a BAA for those bound by HIPAA.

Who needs HIPAA Forms?

Who needs Encrypted Forms?




Dental Offices


Insurance Companies


Therapist Offices


Doctor Offices




Physical Therapist Offices


Orthodontist Offices


K-12 Schools


Colleges and Universities


Law Firms & Lawyers


Volunteer Applications


Applications Collecting Personal Information (Social Security Numbers, Drivers License Numbers, Birthdates)

Encrypt Your Forms

Make your forms HIPAA Compliant

Integrates with Forminator

Secure Form Submissions

The only encrypted & HIPAA compliant add-on for Forminator, we take care of making sure your customer data stays secure.


Security is our top priority. It’s the root of our product, and we’re constantly testing it to ensure it’s the safest out there.

 Cost effective

WP Secure Forms is cost effective compared to other forms. Security shouldn’t have to cost an arm & a leg.

 Easy to use

WP Secure Forms doesn’t require any custom coding or configuration. Most customers set it up in 5 minutes!


We double encrypt all data, once before we send it across the internet, and then again at rest.

 WordPress based

We’re the only encrypted form service for WordPress Forminator, and one of two HIPAA form services for WordPress.

 Export your form submissions

Effortlessly export your forms and logs into a CSV file to streamline report preparation, print records, and keep physical copies of your form data.


Get emails from us when an entry is made. While they won’t contain information, it’ll quickly show you to login.

 User Roles

Lock down who can view the form submissions by user roles on WordPress.


We log everytime someone views a form, exports a form with their IP address, username, user ID & a tiemstamp. You can export these logs!

How we protect your data

Data Encryption

Form entries are double encrypted. Once on the client side and then another on our AWS server at rest.


Form submissions are encrypted in transit from your site to our server. When the data goes through the conduit, it’s secure via AES-256 encryption.

Data Integrity

Our API will only work if your license & domain registered to that license match & the BAA (if HIPAA is enabled) is signed for that domain.

Access Controls

Only administrators & users with the role of WP Secure Forms user will be able to view the plugin & access forms.

Audit Controls

Everytime a form is viewed, it must be logged via our API. The logs must not be able to be deleted, and must show who accessed a form, from what IP, and when they accessed it.

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What is the difference between HIPAA Compliance & Encryption?

The difference between HIPAA compliant forms & encrypted forms is that HIPAA complaint forms require a BAA to be signed. Both products are built the same, one simply does a check to see if a BAA is signed. They’re both extremely secure, simple & safe to use.

When do I need to use encrypted forms?

Encrypted forms need to be used whenever your website is requesting information or allows your end user to fill out a form that may contain sensitive information, such as schools, lawyers & real estate agents.

When do I need to be HIPAA compliant?

If you’re a healthcare organization such as a clinic, hospital or insurance company & your website allows patients or potential patients to submit information, you need your forms to be HIPAA compliant.

What happens to my data if I cancel?

Before you cancel, you are required to download the data onto your computer.

What happens if I go over my 25 free submissions?

If you go over your 25 free submissions, then your form submissions won’t be secured anymore. We send out two emails – one email alerting you have 5 free submissions left, and then another when you hit the 25 submission mark.

Does all form fields work with WP Secure Forms?

Currently, file uploads, signature & any payment form fields will not work with WP Secure Forms. We’re working on support for file uploads & signatures.

Will I get any alerts on the free plan I am reaching the 25 submissions?

Yes, you get an email alert when you have reached 20 emails, and then another email alert when you have reached 25 emails and the submissions are no longer being encrypted by WP Secure Forms.

Does this support Quizzes & Polls too?

No, only the forms option in Forminator is compatible.

Can I still use 3rd party integrations if I have Secure Forms on?

No, any 3rd party integrations are NOT compatible with Secure Forms. If you use 3rd party integrations while using Secure Forms, you are breaking the encryption. Disable all integrations.

Is this another form software?

No. This is an integration with the popular form plugin Forminator. This is not a standalone form plugin.

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