Managed Service Provider

ClikIT has been serving businesses clients for over 5 years in Bloomington, IL!

What we offer

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Ransomware Prevention

Data Recovery and Backup


Server Hosting

Networking/Internet Setup

We are Proactive, not Reactive

We know downtime costs you money. Your technology needs to work 24/7. That is why we focus on preventing your technology from breaking and keeping you up and running. 

Of course, it is impossible to prevent everything from ever breaking, but we can do a pretty good job at it. We manage every aspect of your technology, from montoring the system health, to antivirus, to backups if disaster does strike. We offer a complete monitoring solution, we can identify and fix problems before you even know them! 

You leave it up to us to decide what’s best for your business. Many businesses in our industry offer different packages, but we offer one package at one low price that encompasses all of your IT needs to run your business effectively. 

We help your business run more efficent and make YOU more money.

Get Started

Laptop Repair/Desktop Repair

Is your computer slow?

Computers slow down overtime, and yours is no different. If it takes forever to load up YouTube or Facebook, or check your email – we can speed it up! 

Computer Upgrades

We can upgrade your computer to a newer and faster one while keeping all of your data and even keep your icons in the same place!

Virus and Spyware Removal

Do you think your computer has a virus or malware? Maybe unwanted programs? We have a solution to clean your system and to KEEP IT CLEAN!


Does your computer have ransomware or are your files locked? We can fix it and most times decrypt it! 


Is your email hacked because of a phishing attack? We can help you recover and gain the trust of your contact list. 

Data Recovery and Backup

Are your computer files being backed up? Do you have important business documents you want saved? Get a data backup plan with ClikIT! 


Does your computer have baby photos, vacation, photos, or other photos? You need to protect it! 


Work files, taxes, resume, etc – if you have documents important to you, they need backed up!