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Get Everything You Need for Website Management Under One Roof.

With ClikIT, you don’t have to waste time and effort finding a host, domain registrar, developer, and theme separately. We offer everything you need to get your website up and running in one place.

Easy Setup with Our Premium Templates

During your hosting setup, you’ll be prompted to select which theme you want. We have themes for the follow industries:

  •  5 Step Process to Sign Up
  • Select from over 100+ premium templates
  • Map Your Own Domain Name or Buy One From Us

Expert Support

Our support team is happy to assist with hosting questions, and our developers are available to help you with anything else you need for an extra fee. Because we host your website, our developers are already familiar with your site, so they can get started on your project right away.

Small Business Optimized

Our web hosting service is designed with simplicity in mind, so you won’t find specifications like CPU, RAM, or SSD space listed. We believe you shouldn’t have to concern yourself with these technical details. Our promise is straightforward: it either works, or it doesn’t – and with our service, it will work!

We’re here for you

Choosing a domain, selecting a web host, deciding on a theme, and then hiring a developer and marketer can be overwhelming. Coordinating and managing these different aspects, along with sharing login information, is often exhausting. ClikIT Hosting simplifies this process. We offer top-tier web hosting and a selection of stunning templates, complemented by our team of expert developers, designers, and SEO specialists. Our services also include accessibility solutions and Managed IT, streamlining your digital presence under one roof.

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Music Band

Painter 02

Interior Design Firm

Wood Work


Barber Shop


Photo Studio

Simple Business

Lead Generation


Skin Care

Fitness GYM

Portfolio V2

Car Wash

Wine Bar

Modern Business

Agency V2

Saas Company

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Digital Services


Wooden Craft

Coffee Shop

Cleaning Service

Painting Service

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Women Empowerment NGO

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Elderly Home


Cosmetics Store

Recipe Blog

Piano Tutor

Family Lawyer

Calligraphy Artist

Fashion Designer

Relationship Coach

Security Services

Limousine Rental Agency

Deli Restaurant

UI/X Designer

eBook Author

Digital Product Store

Emily Smith – Traveller

ArchMasters Architecture

Artist Multipurpose

Ursula Jones – Traveller

Public Speaker

Library Cafe


Lotus Spa

Theatre Artist


Chartered Accountant

BBQ Restaurant

Tech Startup

Musical Instruments

Coffee House

Freelance Copywriter

Flute Artist

Ayurvedic Products

Real Estate

Creative Blog

Marketing Agency

Freelance Artist

Pharmaceutical Company

Day Care Services

Language Tutors

Creative Podcaster

Business Coaching & Consulting

Local Business

Steak House

Cycle Shop

Heating & A/C Technician

Personal Portfolio

Local Bakery

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Garden Maintenance

Growth Marketer

Organic Store

Fitness Trainer

Pet Services

Digital Agency

Book Store


Roofing Services

Simply Natural