Tech Tip: What is the Cloud? Is it Safe?

by | Sep 28, 2021

It’s the kind of question you’d think would be easy to answer, until someone asks you: What exactly is the cloud? 

Put simply, it’s using someone else’s computers over the internet to do things we used to do in our own computers. Like run software or store data.

When you run software in a tab in your browser, that software is still running on a computer… it’s just not your computer. That means you can run very powerful applications without needing a powerful computer.


So, is the cloud safe? The answer is that it depends.

Whilst there’s no technology that is 100% safe – working with the larger cloud providers is often safer than running things on your own network. Simply because they have dedicated teams of security experts.

You should also focus on making sure your business’s use of the cloud is safe too.

Such as by:

  • Never ever sharing logins (even amongst your team members)
  • Making sure you use randomly generated passwords protected by a password manager, and
  • Keeping all devices 100% up-to-date at all times with Updates and Next-Gen Anti-Virus tools

Written By ClikIT, LLC

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